Write the Scene. Prompt #51

Prompt #48 was about how to “Grow Your Character.”  Prompt #49 was about setting the mood. Prompt #50 was “The Problem.”

Let’s put them all together and write the scene.  If you have freewrites on character, mood and a problem. . . use these elements to write a scene. Or, write a scene, using all new material.

If writing memoir, write what actually happened, as best as remembered. Be sure to include details. Be specific. Not “car,” rather “1966 blue Dodge van.”

“Scenes are capsules in which compelling characters undertake significant actions in a vivid and memorable way that allows the events to feel as though they are happening in real time. When strung together, individual scenes add up to build plots and storylines.  — Make A Scene, Crafting a powerful Story One Scene at a Time,  by Jordan E. Rosenfeld

In Make A Scene, Jordan includes a recipe for basic ingredients for compelling scenes. If you are looking for an excellent book on how to write, this is it! Click here for my review of Make A Scene.

Make A Scene.Rosenfeld

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