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By Cheryl Moore

A silver tongue would be nice

A pen that wrote golden prose

Or poetry would be better.


How would it feel to be Billy Collins

Whose books sit

On my bedside table?


His small journeys

Make magic of the mundane

Of ordinary daily events


One poem describes

Sitting at his desk words flow

Seemingly without his bidding


I sit at my desk

Pen posed over paper

Nothing comes out


I could doodle a picture

Make it look like a word

And start from there


Would it be like opening a tap

With words pouring out

Given enough time?


My words wouldn’t be golden

Nor even silver

Probably just tin


Maybe Billie’s don’t flow golden

Until he works and revises

As most good writers must


It’s like panning for gold

A lot of water flows

Before a bit of gold dust settles


Maybe more discipline

An ear for the music

Use metaphors and similes


I might rise above tin, to copper?

Roses blooming, lilacs too

Spring arriving, so much to do


Am I running late?

Look at that—it’s almost eight

When Cheryl Moore came to California in the early 1960’s, she realized she’d found her home. Then moving to Petaluma in the 70’s, she was as close to paradise as she’d ever be.

Travel has taken her to Europe and the Middle East. She has written on these memories as well as on the flora and fauna of the local river and her own garden.

You can find more of her writing in “The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Discoveries” and “The Write Spot: Musings and Ravings From a Pandemic Year.”

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