Places to submit

Brick . . . anthology of enthusiams

Brick features literary nonfiction about arts and culture: book reviews, personal essays, memoirs, interviews and letters.  That’s you: Essayists and Memoirists. For today’s place to submit, I was looking for something fun. Excited to find Brick. Brick has been called many things: an “anthology of enthusiasms” (Michael Ondaatje), “the best literary publication in North America” (Annie Proulx), and “more fun than any other literary magazine around” (Robert Hass). Brick is where the world’s best-loved writers have wide, lively, personal discussions about art, culture, and the written word. Brick was founded in London, Ontario, in 1977 by Stan Dragland and Jean McKay. From 1985 until 2013, Michael Ondaatje led the magazine and helped to establish its international reputation, leaving a legacy of intellectual curiosity and passion for the written word. Brick’s mandate: to create a beautiful product filled with the most invigorating and challenging literary essays, interviews, memoirs, travelogues, belles lettres,…


Friends . . . Prompt #249

I met a new friend recently. As we emailed back and forth, I felt as though it was destined for our paths to cross.  So far, ours is an internet relationship. No, we didn’t hook up via Rather, I found Author, Blogger and Ghostwriter, Holly Robinson, while researching another author. Today’s writing prompt is inspired by the glorious feeling of making a new friend. Writing Prompt: Write about making a new friend. Or, write about someone you have known for awhile. A friend you can call night or day. A friendship that is as comfortable as a pair of soft jeans. Someone who has been with you through thick and thin. Write about your new, or old, friend. Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold. And now, I’d like you to meet my new friend, because her writing journey might encourage…

Guest Bloggers

Is there a ghost in your future?

Guest Blogger Holly Robinson writers about ghost writing: Recently, I appeared on a radio show to promote a literary event. We were talking about my latest novel, but inevitably the host asked, “So you’re a ghostwriter, too? Who have you written for?” I laughed and gave my standard answer: “Sorry. If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” “But don’t you even care if your name’s not on the cover?” he asked, sounding offended on my behalf. The truth? No. I write novels, essays, and articles under my own name, but when I’m ghostwriting, my job is to stand behind the curtain and channel a voice. By now, I have ghosted over twenty books. I fell into the profession accidentally when my agent, who knew I’d studied biology in college, asked if I’d be interested in helping an editor fix a messy health book written by a doctor. In…

Places to submit

The Blotter Magazine might be perfect for you

Is The Blotter Magazine a good place for you to submit your work? Maybe. Read on. “The Blotter Magazine exists to nurture underground, outsider literature and art and to provide it to a wide audience. We believe that the economic viability of good art and writing should not interfere with its life, liberty, or happiness; and we deliberately seek to avoid the pretension and “overintellectualism” for which the world of literature and art has become known. Our goal is to treat contributors, donors, and readers alike with dignity, friendship, and respect. The Blotter Magazine is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. That organization currently publishes The Blotter Magazine and is pursuing a book-publishing venture. . . . In May, 2003, the magazine began distributing free at selected newsstands in the North Carolina Triangle area. Since then, our free distribution has expanded to other fine cities in the Southeast. We also ship subscriptions…


New ways of looking at old- Prompt #247

If you have been writing for awhile, you might notice that you keep writing about the same things over and over again: how Aunt Luella always sticks her nose in everybody’s business; how Uncle Ray tells those awful jokes and doesn’t seem to notice that no one laughs; how Nonna’s getting on everybody’s nerves, should Aunt Silvie be put in assisted living and what the heck is up with Joey’s latest tattoo? We all have our stable of characters that we dwell about incessantly. Here’s an opportunity to look at old things in new ways. Inspired by the poem, The visible and the in-      by Marge Piercy Read the stanza below (or the partial stanza), then quickly make a list of everybody this reminds you of. No prolonged thinking. You can always add names later. Ready? Go! First stanza of The visible and the in-: Some people move through your…


A poem, from the inside out . . . Prompt #246

Today’s prompt is inspired by Poet Georgia Heard, who suggests the following as a way to create a poem from the inside out. Choose something on your body: a strand of hair, a nail, a ring, glasses, a belt, a necklace, an item of clothing, a freckle . . . anything! Describe the object with as much detail as possible. List all the feelings that the object evokes. Be specific. Create similes for the object: It is like. . . It reminds me of . . . Put yourself in the place of the object. Take on the voice of the object and write from the object’s perspective. Take your time with this. Read what you have written. Add anything that comes up while reading. Take a few moments to reflect. Settle in with what you have written. When you feel done with this part, go on to the next,…

Book Reviews

Quantum Deadline by Daedalus Howell

Quantum Deadline, by Daedalus Howell, reviewed by Meta Strauss. Daedalus Howell’s Quantum Deadline, reminiscent of a Mickey Spillane story, is certain to be the first of a long series of novels about a captivating modern day reporter. The story is fun, and suspenseful with unexpected contemporary twists keeping me entertained and not wanting to put it down. I can’t wait to read the next adventure of the witty, smart-mouthed, ambitious Dade Howell. Note from Marlene: Daedalus Howell will entertain us (I’m sure of it) at Writers Forum on April 21. Meta Strauss, a native Texan, began writing after moving to Sonoma in 2005. “A Cinderella Tale” was included in the anthology “Cry of the Nightbird,” published by the California YWCA in support of victims of domestic abuse. Strauss’s writing is featured on the Sonoma Writer’s Alliance web site and in the Sonoma Sun Newspaper. She reads her work at local Sonoma…

Places to submit

Got fiction, essay , poetry, art? West Marin Review wants.

Fiction! Essays! Poetry! Art! Got any? West Marin Review, a literary and art  journal, wants ’em. Deadline:  September 1, 2016. West Marin Review is such an upbeat publication, this should be called Upline: September 1, 2016. Need ideas for material to write about? Click Prompts. Choose one and write. Edit. Submit. West Marin Review Submission Guidelines. Cover art for current issue of West Marin Review.