A Simple Building

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A Simple Building

By Cheryl Moore

A simple building lacking in flare

Why am I so often drawn there?

Roaming its shelves, tasting its wares

A whole wide world available there

Journeys take me around the world

And when I no longer want to roam

Work on gardens, on business

On cooking and art

And English lit and Shakespeare

To keep me smart

Not to mention poetry

To suit the fussiest muse

So much to read, no time to lose.

Cheryl Moore grew up in the mid-west, went to college in San Francisco, then lived in foreign lands before returning and eventually settling in Sonoma County.

In recent years, she lives in a house and garden where deer nibble on roses,  raccoons dine on fallen figs, and her bird feeders are busy.

A nearby river offers opportunities to observe waterfowl.

Seeing and writing about these miracles of nature are adventures in living.

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