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Back in the swing of things


It’s been a while since I have posted because there have been lots of Happening Things going on here at my sunny place in Northern California. We began renovating our yard in October in preparation for our youngest son’s wedding in June. Eight and a half months of hauling, digging, pulling, moving, planting, paving . . . and our yard is beautiful and hopefully will be easier to maintain in our later years. The wedding was awesome, amazing, and inspiring.

Just as I returned the last wedding item, my 85-year-old mother passed away. I’m at peace with that and happy she is no longer in pain.

In anticipation of possible after-wedding let-down, I planned a huge project, which I am in the middle of. More will be revealed in the autumn.

So, even though I haven’t been able to post here, I haven’t been idle. I’m going to get back to posting and look forward to connecting with you through The Write Spot Blog.

Hmmm. . . as I thought about what to title this . . . “Back in the swing of things” came to mind.  That could make a great writing prompt.

Are you ready to write?  Back in the swing of things. . . Just write.





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