Birth Day . . . Prompt #749

Remember self-care when writing about difficult topics:

Get up, walk around.

Take a sip of water or herbal tea.

Choose something in your surroundings to look at when the writing gets difficult.

Look at that focal point as a reminder to breathe.

Take a deep breath in. Hold. And release.

Take a few more calming breaths.

Write this in your notebook or on a piece of paper.

What I really want to say . . .

I remember . . .

I don’t remember . . .

If you are stuck with writing, you can use one of these phrases and go from there.

Writing Prompt: Birth Day

Think about your Birth Day.

Maybe you had many birthday parties.

Maybe you had a handful of parties, or one or two.

Maybe your Birth Day is a big deal and you wildly celebrate.

Or, maybe you are the quiet type, preferring not to call attention to yourself.

Maybe you think of your Birth Day as “just another day.”

Whether you celebrate or not, you travel around the sun once a year in your personal orbit.

Let’s visit our Memory Bank and go back in time.

Think about your birthday when you were 16 years old.

Think about your birthday when you were 8 . . . 6 . . . 4.

Go back farther, to when you can’t remember your birthday.

Go back to your actual Birth Day. A miracle of a birth.

You were born.

Maybe it wasn’t a planned birth. Maybe there was some discord.

That happens.

Take a deep breath in. Hold. Let it out.

Take a few minutes to think about, to reflect, what your Birth Day meant to your parents, your grandparents, you aunts, uncles. Your family.

Write about the day you were born. You could write about the date, or the time of year, the season you were born.

You could write about what the weather was like or the facility where you were born, as you have been told or as you imagine.

Who was there, during your birth?

You can write fact, or fiction based on fact, based on stories you have heard.

Just Write.

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