By Cheryl Moore

Despite the pandemic, despite the looming drought, despite the growing tensions in the world—we are living in a wonderful time.

On clear mornings, I see the warm pink in the eastern sky where the sun is about to rise.

This time of year, April, it rises between two tall palms across the street—in June it will rise behind Sonoma Mountain.

This is the most beautiful time in the garden —leaves on trees just breaking open, giving a lacy feel against the blue skies. Rose buds are opening and iris unfolding on their tall stalks.

California poppies are everywhere and fields are full of mustard.

Bird song fills the air as males find mates and begin nest building. Soon there will be small yellow ducklings trailing their parents down at the river and fishermen will sit on the bank to see what the incoming tide will bring.

 Besides a cozy house and garden, I have good health, enough funds, and loving family and friends—so many blessings. I cherish them all.

Cheryl Moore grew up in the Midwest then lived in San Francisco to finish high school and attend college where she studied biology. During the late sixties and into the mid-seventies she lived first in Sweden for a year, then for four years in Iran where she served as librarian in a small research library for wildlife biologists.

Nature and science have always been among her interests. Since returning to the U.S., she has lived in Petaluma and has dabbled in writing stories. Since retiring from employment at Sonoma State University, she has taken up painting

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