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There are more how-to-write books than we have time to read. IF we tried, we would spend all our time reading about writing and not writing. But there are a few especially good how-to write books. Here are some of my favorites. What are your favorite writing books?

Dorothea Brande was an early proponent of freewriting. In her book Becoming a Writer (1934), she advises writers to sit and write for 30 minutes every morning, as fast as they can.

Peter Elbow advanced freewriting in his books Writing with Power and Writing Without Teachers (1975), and freewriting has been popularized by Julia Cameron through her books The Artist’s Way and The Right to Write.

A few more writing books:

Aronie, Nancy Slonim – Writing From the Heart

Baldwin, Christina – Storycatcher

Barrington, Judith – Writing the Memoir, From Truth to Art

Baty, Chris – No Plot? No Problem!

Bennet, Hal Zina – Write From The Heart

Clegg, Eileen M. – Claiming Your Creative Self

DeSalvo, Louise – Writing As A Way of Healing

Epel, Naomi – Writers Dreaming

George, Elizabeth – Write Away

Goldberg, Natalie:   Living Color, Long Quiet Highway, Wild Mind, Writing Down the Bones, The Great Failure

Heffron, Jack – The Writer’s Idea Book

Kabat-Zinn, Jon – Wherever You Go, There You Are

Keene, Sam and Anne Valley-Fox – Your Mythic Journey

Kelton, Nancy Davidoff – Writing From Personal Experience

King, Stephen – On Writing

Lauber, Lynn – Listen to Me

Lamott, Anne – Bird by Bird

Lara, Adair – Naked, Drunk and Writing

Nelson, Sara – So Many Books, So Little Time

Rosenfeld, Jordan – Make a Scene

Saltzman, Joel – If You Can Talk, You Can Write

Schneider, Pat – Writing Alone And With Others

Smith, Michael C. and Suzanne Greenberg – Everyday Creative Writing

Ueland, Brenda – If You Want to Write

Walker, Christine – A Painter’s Garden

Walton, Todd & Toomay, Mindy – The Writer’s Path

Zimmerman, Susan – Writing to Heal The Soul

Just a few of my books on writing. Yes, I have two copies of Jordan’s Make A Scene: One for my personal use and one for lending.

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