1. Ke11y

    Don’t know why, but kids came up, and my own grandchildren.

    The Leprechaun and the flower fairy

    Milo lives in County Derry, a very beautiful place with lots of hills and secret places to hide. Hiding is easy for Milo, seeing how he’s not much taller than a mushroom! I can’t tell you exactly where he lives because leprechauns are very secretive, but I can tell you it’s very close to the end of the rainbow. Milo sleeps on a bed made from the whiskers of a dandelion ‘puff’ ball; those same puffballs the city children blow onto the wind. Every time a city child does that, one of the little folk isn’t going to get a bed that night.

    This particular morning, Milo is waiting for Fungus, Sunny, and Marian. They are coming to join him in a game of hide ‘n’ seek. It’s Milo’s turn to chase and find them. Fungus is last to arrive, as usual, and while Milo hides his eyes under his hands, the three friends run away.

    After an hour, he’s still searching for them. Well, maybe not all of them, seeing as Fungus and Sunny are hiding in the windmill next to the fishpond. He ignores them, laughing gaily, and continues to search. He runs endlessly, crying out to friends, “Where are they hiding?” but he’s given false answers. He runs into a wood, across a garden, and through a greenhouse. He even visits a place full of webs and spiders, asking, “Have you seen my friends?” But no one owns up. It’s beginning to be no fun at all.

    He’s so out of breath he has to rest against a marigold, and that’s when he sees her sitting under a buttercup, drenched in a stain of yellow powder. He thinks she’s the most beautiful leprechaun in the world.

    “Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye, found you Marian.” He shouts.

    A yellow cloud of dust falls from her as she steps forth. Her beauty would scare away monsters.

    “Milo, you devil child, you always find me first!”

    Milo laughs and runs away, singing at the top of his voice…

    “Leprechauns are dancing,
    how they love to play,
    running in the fields
    and playing tricks all day.
    You will never catch one,
    no matter what you do,
    they sing and dance
    and play their games,
    and run away from you.”

    1. mcullen Post author

      This is delightful, Kelly. A fun whimsical romp!

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