Elevator Pitch. . . Prompt #251

Rachael HerronThis has been Rachael Herron Week on The Write Spot Blog. It’s been fun highlighting her and her work.

Today’s writing prompt is inspired by her latest book, The Ones Who Matter Most.

“What begins as one woman’s search for truth becomes a deep bond forged between the unlikeliest of people. Their surprising journey reveals how strangers can quickly find themselves to be family, and how kindness can bridge even the widest of gaps.”

Choose something from this synopsis, or elevator pitch, to write about. Perhaps:

Write about a kindness offered to you, or something kind you did for someone.

Or, write about a surprising journey.

Or, write about a stranger.

Write about what a search revealed.

Write about family.

Note: An “elevator pitch” is a short summary of a book or project that can be explained in the time it takes an elevator to go from ground floor to the 30th floor.

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