Elevator Pitch. . . Prompt #251

This has been Rachael Herron Week on The Write Spot Blog. It’s been fun highlighting her and her work. Today’s writing prompt is inspired by her latest book, The Ones Who Matter Most. “What begins as one woman’s search for truth becomes a deep bond forged between the unlikeliest of people. Their surprising journey reveals how strangers can quickly find themselves to be family, and how kindness can bridge even the widest of gaps.” Choose something from this synopsis, or elevator pitch, to write about. Perhaps: Write about a kindness offered to you, or something kind you did for someone. Or, write about a surprising journey. Or, write about a stranger. Write about what a search revealed. Write about family. Note: An “elevator pitch” is a short summary of a book or project that can be explained in the time it takes an elevator to go from ground floor to…

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My endings are always asymptotes. —Rachael Herron

A conversation with Rachael Herron, author of The Ones Who Matter Most. “How did you get the idea for this book?” “The original idea for any of my novels usually gets buried so deep that by the time I’ve finished writing, I can barely remember what the first ideas was. This book, though, was different. The first scene was my original idea.” “Do you always know the endings of your novels when you start them?” “I wish! I know writers who know their endings and aim for them like marksmen. Rather than apples to be hit with arrows, though, my endings are always asymptotes. I write toward them forever, getting closer and closer but never quite getting there. Usually I have to revise the whole book (minus the ending) a few times until I figure out what should really happen.” Excerpted from the Conversation Guide at the end of Rachael…


Something surprising found in a desk drawer. Prompt #250

Write about something surprising found in a desk drawer. Today’s writing prompt is inspired by the catalyst for Rachael Herron‘s latest book, The Ones Who Matter Most. A secret in a rolltop desk drawer leads a woman on a search that changes her life and the lives of another family. “What begins as one woman’s search for truth becomes a deep bond forged between the unlikeliest of people, and the discovery that there are many ways to make a family—as long as you take care.  . . ” — quote from the back cover of The Ones Who Matter Most.


Writers are incorrigible thieves. — Rachael Herron

The excerpt below is from the Conversation Guide at the back of The Ones Who Matter Most. Question: What might surprise a reader of The Ones Who Matter Most? Author Rachael Herron answers: Writing the scene in which Abby is scrabbling through the rolltop desk’s drawers was a special treat. Writers are incorrigible thieves, stealing bits and pieces of their lives to provide sparkle and heft. We can’t help populating our books with parts of ourselves. I share Abby’s optimistic naiveté as much as I do Fern’s ruthless practicality. But beyond the stolen personality pieces, we steal actual objects. That’s my desk in Scott’s office. As Abby explores the many small drawers, Abby wonders why they aren’t being made useful. They could hold hair bands and gum and those wonderful yellow Paper Mate pencils. In my office, those drawers do hold those things. Found in an antiques store in a…

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Writing settles my soul —Rachael Herron

Today’s “Just Write” post is an excerpt of Holly Robinson’s interview of Rachael Herron. (Edited for brevity. Click on Huffpost link below to read entire interview.) Holly Robinson writes: One of my favorite things about being a writer is having the chance to meet other writers whose books I admire. I probably admire few books as much as I do Splinters of Light, my new friend Rachael Herron’s powerful, poignant, and surprisingly comic novel inspired by a People magazine article about the impact of early-onset Alzheimer’s on a woman and her family. In the hands of another writer, this topic could be dreary and depressing, but Rachael spins a story of resilience and love that leaves you believing in the healing power of family and forgiveness. Splinters of Light is a reading experience you won’t soon forget. Here’s a look at how Rachael works — she’s a prolific author of romance novels,…

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The Ones Who Matter Most by Rachael Herron

The Ones Who Matter Most by Rachael Herron reviewed by Shelly Tracy Gilliland: Rachael Herron never disappoints! Her characters are so believable you might think you live next door to any one of them. Her story lines and dialogue are real, too. I don’t read a book I don’t like because my TBR (to be read) list is far too long for that. The Ones Who Matter Most will engage you from start to finish. Shelly Tracey Gilliland reads voraciously, writes and quilts at her cozy home in northeast Indiana. Review by Marlene Cullen: Herron has the unique ability to write a scene that feels and sounds so real, it’s as if I’m right next to these characters as they move through their lives —at work, at home, running errands. I ride alongside the heroine as she navigates new and tricky waters. I clutch onto her jacket as she is…