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My endings are always asymptotes. —Rachael Herron

A conversation with Rachael Herron, author of Herron. The Ones Who Matter MostThe Ones Who Matter Most.

“How did you get the idea for this book?”

“The original idea for any of my novels usually gets buried so deep that by the time I’ve finished writing, I can barely remember what the first ideas was. This book, though, was different. The first scene was my original idea.”

“Do you always know the endings of your novels when you start them?”

“I wish! I know writers who know their endings and aim for them like marksmen. Rather than apples to be hit with arrows, though, my endings are always asymptotes. I write toward them forever, getting closer and closer but never quite getting there. Usually I have to revise the whole book (minus the ending) a few times until I figure out what should really happen.”

Excerpted from the Conversation Guide at the end of Rachael Herron‘s book, The Ones Who Matter Most.

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