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Find the right magazine for your article.

Rachael Herron wrote an article, soon to be published in Vogue magazine. Not about “fashion, beauty, culture, living, runway, met gala.”

Rachael’s article is about clearing out craft supplies.

Imagine that.

What a brilliant idea! I imagine most crafters would benefit from an article about how to organize material and/or encouragement to let go of scraps of fabric, wisps of ribbon, etc.

Do you have a special skill, a hobby, a special interest? Write about it. Think about a magazine that might seem an unusual fit. Tweak your essay to fit the magazine’s demographics. Research the magazine’s mission statement, purpose, intent, masthead.

Do you have a pet peeve, an obsession, a unique collection? Turn your thoughts into an article, then research and submit!

Browse magazines at the library. Search online for potential magazines.

Find the right magazine for your piece:

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Not only does  Rachael Herron write, she knits. And she writes about knitting.

Herron.3 covers

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  1. Rachael Herron

    This is SO great. Thank you, my friend.

    1. mcullen Post author

      You are very welcome, Rachael. Lots of fun to promote you and your wonderful books with the fabulous covers!

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