First car . . . Prompt #190

Write about your first car, someone else’s first car, or your fictional character’s first car.

You can use this as a way to get to know your fictional character better. You probably won’t use this information in your fiction, but you might!

Pedal carWrite about a first car. See where it takes you.

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  1. Jennie Butler

    By Jennie Frost Butler

    Although the photo is in black and white, I remember my very own first vehicle as being shiny red. It looked a lot like the “kiddie cars” ride I enjoyed at the state fair every summer. But, thrillingly, I got to keep this one at home, pedaling it carefully across the grain of our steeply-sloped front yard, or, more recklessly, along a flat part of the driveway, towards the stand-alone one-car garage. I must have been five or so, and not yet allowed to wander our neighborhood by myself. And certainly not to traverse sidewalks alone, in my treasured vehicle. However, all these decades later, I still recall gripping and turning that steering-wheel with a brand-new sense of power and an awakening awareness of someday being fully in the driver’s seat of my own life!

    1. mcullen Post author

      I love how we can remember moments from our childhood so clearly, “gripping and turning that steering-wheel with a brand-new sense of power.”
      I can see you, Jennie, little you in that shiny red pedal car!

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