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Since its inception in 1994, Fourteen Hills: The SFSU Review contributes to a vibrant literary tradition on the West Coast centered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its commitment to presenting a diversity of experimental and progressive work by emerging and cross-genre writers, as well as by award-winning and established authors, has earned it a reputation for literary excellence. Being independent means its aesthetic is dynamic and fluid, ever changing to meet the needs of the culture and the historical moment as the staff perceive them. As an international literary magazine, Fourteen Hills has developed a reading audience that goes beyond the San Francisco Bay Area to the international community.

Staffed exclusively by graduate students in the creative writing program at San Francisco State University with the oversight of a faculty advisor, Fourteen Hills publishes original poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction, and cross-genre work created by writers in the US and abroad. It also welcomes and prints representative contributions from visual artists.

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