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Hippocampus Magazine wants your story about All Kinds of Weather

Hippocampus Magazine enthusiastically accepts unsolicited submissions in the following categories:

  • memoir excerpt – a self-contained portion (chapter or selection) of a larger, book-length work
  • personal essay – a short narrative reflecting on a particular life experience or observation
  • flash creative nonfiction or a work of creative nonfiction in an experimental format

Here is an article that discusses the difference between memoir and essay. And here is another.

2014 Theme: Weather & Acts of Nature

From storms and sprinkles to earthquakes and extreme heat, Mother Nature can pack a punch or paint a pretty picture. Weather can be wacky and wild. And weather can be calm.

Weather often plays a character in our everyday—and not so everyday—lives. We’re seeking tales in which the weather or even a natural disaster played a significant or supporting role.

To be clear, we’re not specifically looking for stories just about bad weather or destruction; instead, we seek any personal essay or memoir excerpt related to the weather in some way. Maybe you dated a meteorologist? Perhaps you were stuck at an airport for a day and made an unlikely friend… Maybe the sun came out at JUST the right time… Perhaps there’s a story behind your umbrella…

Also of note: we’re not looking for essays/articles/opinion pieces solely about why climate change does or does not exist—Hippo is not the venue for that.

We’re open to submissions for this issue now through April 30; submissions should adhere to our usual guidelines.

We like quirky, we like edgy, we like witty, we like smart, we like to be moved, we like pieces that stick with us.

Have fun! We look forward to your weather stories.

Colby.Evening Sky

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  1. Kathy Myers

    This is a fun challenge. They sent me an email with a post script reminder to follow their guidelines to a T (no name on the body of the text, Times new Roman 12 pt. font,double spaced etc.—did not apply to me of course)
    They are getting a high volume and rejecting format deficient pieces from the get-go. Also a reminder; this is Non-fiction only and no poetry.Ten weeks until I find out if my piece will be included in the weather themed issue. See you in June (weather permitting).

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