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“Portable Corona number 3. That’s my analyst.” — Ernest Hemingway

Heal Through Writing

“Several incidents contributed to social psychologist James W. Pennebaker’s interest in ‘healing writing.’ But when his parents’ visit during college launched a bout of the asthma he thought he’d left behind in the dry Texas of his childhood, he realize climate wasn’t to blame; his emotions were. Once he recognized the connection, the asthma attacks stopped.” —“Writing to heal,” by Gail Radley, May 2017 The Writer magazine.

Pennebaker has conducted multiple studies indicating that writing can lead to healing.

Dr. Edward J. Murray investigated healing through writing and concluded “’It seems that putting our thoughts and feelings into language helps confront them, organize them, and wrest the meaning from them. . .” —Gail Ridley, May 2017 The Writer magazine.

Perhaps we can make sense of our world by using freewrites as a vehicle.

Note: If you are experience troubling thoughts that are disabling or disturbing, please seek professional help.

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