Ode To A Table

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Ode to a Table

By Julie Wilder-Sherman

Lined with age, scratched without intent, indentations of mountain ranges from 7th grade homework reside in her second panel.

Rings of white from overly hot cups and larger spheres from sizzling casserole dishes placed upon hot pads too thin.

Dents on corners from swift, careless movement, black pen lines etched through paper, bleeding into the wood. 

The long, suffering life of my dining room table, surviving, still standing with the family that unthinkingly scarred her.

Julie Wilder-Sherman began reading books at an early age, encouraged by her mother who would allow her to take books to bed when she was as young as two years old. Raised in a family of readers, writers, performers, musicians, and political activists, Julie followed her dream of singing professionally and met her husband, bassist Jeff Sherman, while singing on The Love Boat. Together they enjoy cooking, eating, reading, and traveling to all corners of the world. Julie remains politically active and helps to manage the Petaluma Postcard Pod supporting democratic candidates, issues, and policies. 

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