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Real Simple wants to know your Eureka moment.

From Real Simple magazine, July 2014:   “Have you ever had a Eureka moment? Tell us about it.”

“Think back on the instant when everything became clear. The split second when you realized that you had chosen the right career. Or the moment when you knew that your dearest friendship would last forever. Whether your epiphany changed your life or just made your day, write it down and share it with Real Simple.”

Real SimpleEnter Real Simple’s seventh annual Life Lessons Essay contest and you could have your essay published in Real Simple and receive a prize of $3,000.

Send your typed, double-spaced submission (1,500 words maximum, preferably in a Microsoft Word document) to Contest ends September 18, 2014.

Click here for contest rules.

If you wrote on Prompt # 40, Pivotal Events . . . you’re on your way to entering this contest!


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  1. Ke11y

    My Eureka Moment

    What the books never taught me

    and what I never knew

    was that

    When the great day came

    Love would simply be


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