River Walk

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River Walk

By Cheryl Moore

As its tides ebb and flow

following the moon’s journey

across the sky—egrets, herons, sand pipers

wade in the shallows on muddy banks

mallards, coots, grebes

paddle in the river flow,

a night heron rousts

on a birch tree branch.


In the distance fog slowly evaporates

revealing the huge hump of Sonoma Mt

its golden slopes

patterned with dark green trees.


To and from my river walk I meet and greet

dog walkers at Wickersham Park

I pause to watch a dog sprinting

after a ball his human has thrown

he leaps in the air—a spirit of joy.


The park’s stately trees seem to smile

to see such active exuberance.


Cheryl Moore grew up in the mid-west, went to college in San Francisco, then lived in foreign lands before returning to settle in Sonoma County.

She enjoys her garden where deer nibble on roses, raccoons dine on fallen figs, and the bird feeders are busy.

A nearby river offers opportunities to observe waterfowl.

Seeing and writing about these miracles of nature are adventures in living.

Cheryl enjoys writing about nature: September Light

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