1. Ke11y

    The next time…

    Lorenzo is dead. I say this with little emotion. Lorenzo is quite dead in fact. I made absolutely certain of it this time; I killed him off under ten-thousand-tons of rubble during an earthquake in Panama.

    I think it’s probably one of the most satisfying chapters I’ve ever written. I did think of having him riddled with bullets; or his throat cut in Hong Kong by a lone Triad assassin. For years this character has tormented my mind. I have believed I would always be tortured by Lorenzo’s presence. He was a hero, you see. Heroes have a way of earning you easy money.

    Make no mistake, I was very fond of Lorenzo, he had talents I knew I’d never have, and could make love to a woman after a fashion I might only ever dream about. But finally I’ve done it, oh I gave him a dying breath, of course I did, something for the readers to remember him by, then rumble…rumble…and he’s finished. My last view of him seeing his dust matted hair; his shocked eyes still open and staring while a rivulet of blood leaked from the corner of an unsmiling mouth. What pleasure, what joy, what a death!

    With no hero to write about I can feel my genius being stifled, I need a short cuff to the ear and taking to the nearest sanatorium. Who will I make love to now on the pages of my fantasy? What beautiful ragged woman will want me enough to kill any rival? This is merely one of my human dilemmas being faced at this time. Oh No, why did I do this? The next time…well next time…I’m a writer; there is always a next time. Right?

    1. mcullen Post author

      Hi Kelly, More great writing from you. I especially like “leaked from the corner of an unsmiling mouth.” Oddly, I can “see” this better than if you had written “a frown” or any other word you could have used. Illustrates the power of words. And Lorenzo . . . great name for this character. The name itself ignites imagination. I also like “For years this character has tormented my mind.” Gives me permission to let go of my mental tormenters!

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