What No Longer Serves You . . . Prompt #675

“The Mask Self is that part of ourselves that we dare to present to the world. It is a way of being that we have put together, frequently in a rather haphazard way, and often through the trials and errors of our lives.

For the most part, the Mask Self protects us from having to look more closely at the dream figures that lie behind it. It protects the more vulnerable creatures of our inner world.

As we struggle with our masks, there are often many different layers to be peeled away.

In the meantime, life becomes a melodrama, a soap opera, as we find ourselves drawn to this person or that, all in an effort to make our lives work and still hold onto our masks.” — Hal Zina Bennet, “Write From the Heart”


Before the writing prompt, please enjoy this visualization.

Imagine you are in the mountains in the springtime.

Walking on a soft, earthy path, breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Regal trees reach up to a calm blue sky.

Birds are singing with no cares.

There is a lake, so crystal clear you can see rocks underwater.

See the reflections of the sun sparkling on the lake like diamonds.

There is a waterfall that feeds the lake.

The sun shines down through the falls, creating rainbows.

Imagine . . . the sounds of water . . . the smells of earth, trees, and fresh water . . . the dance of light.

The majesty of the mountains surrounds you, creating a feeling of safety, like a sanctuary.

Sitting comfortably on a rock, breathe in the profound beauty and stillness.

Taking a deep breath, you are ready to release what no longer serves you.

When you are ready, write . . .

What would you like to release, or let go of?

Or: What would happen if you took your mask off?

Or: If you have taken the mask off, how did that go?

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