What? Prompt #140

Fill in the blank, then keep writing:       WHAT?

What the __________?

                     What is ___________?

                               What is the ________?

                                          What if ___________?

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  1. Jennie Butler

    By Jennie Frost Butler

    What if a rabbit happened to cross paths with a rabbi? Can you guess what their meeting ground, if any, might be, rabbit perhaps requesting a yarmulka in return for a peek into the foyer of his warren?

    Or, meeting a nun dressed in a habit, he might ask to borrow worry beads, to calm him down next time he was running late for picnicking with Alice and the Queen (he might even consider using those beads as a chain for his pocket watch).

    Or, raiding someone’s garden for a carrot, rabbit might have to grab it extra fast, especially if spied by a gardener shouting “dagnabit!”

    Needing to get out of sight in a hurry, he could always cab it back to the vicinity of his rabbit hole. And, while gnawing away, do his best to come up with a most convincing alibi (hopefully, he wouldn’t be repeating that lie, when next encountering rabbi or nun).

    1. mcullen Post author

      I love your fun and creative writing. Delightful to read and think about. Thanks for posting.

      1. Jennie Butler

        Thanks, Marlene. This was especially fun to do, too. Jennie

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