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Writer Advice: Scintillating Starts Contest

Writer Advice announces its Fourth “Scintillating Starts” contest.

 $20 ENTRY FEE     —     3 PRIZES OF $100

B. Lynn Goodwin, Writer Advice: Whether you’re writing fiction, memoir or another prose genre, entice us. Grab our attention. Make us want to know more. Give us reasons to care. Submit the opening (up to 1500 words) of your book (any prose genre).

Your cover letter must include your contact information. We don’t need a summary nor your publishing history. We’re looking at the manuscript opening, not the query.

This contest is for those who have not yet received a contract for submitted work.

Send your work to Writer Advice through Writer Advice Submission Manager.

Lynn Goodwin will respond like an agent or editor who is looking for good writing that will sell. You’ll get perspective and insight. The prizewinners will be published.

Deadline: 11/10/15.

B. Lynn GoodwinNote from Marlene: Don’t wait until the deadline to submit!  Lynn’s offer of perspective and insight about your submitted writing is very generous. But, if everyone waits until the deadline. . . well, I’m thinking you will get more substantial comments if you enter sooner than later. So . . . get your piece as polished as you can and submit soon!

If you type “B. Lynn Goodwin” in the “Search for” box on the home page of The Write Spot Blog, you will find articles by Lynn that have been featured here.

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  1. Lgood67334

    Marlene, you are exactly right when you encourage people to enter early. It’s a wise idea for many reasons.

    I look forward to reading the start to any novel, memoir, or prose collection. Questions? Please write back. =)

    B. Lynn Goodwin
    Author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers &
    TALENT, which will be released 11/1/15

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