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Colors and Moods . . . Prompt #655

I am fascinated with finding writing prompts in a variety of places.

Today’s prompt is inspired from the Editor’s Letter in Better & Homes Gardens magazine, April 2018, by Stephen Orr, Editor-in-Chief.

“Color Theory”

“Remember mood rings? As a kid, I was obsessed for one hot Texas summer about the idea that the ‘jewel’ in those rings could indicate how a person was feeling emotionally: Pink was happy, black was depressed, blue was optimistic. My little glass oval was often an indecipherable shade of puce . . .” — Stephen Orr

What mood would you assign to these colors?






Choose a color and write what mood, or emotion, or character trait comes up for you when you think about this color.

Using color when writing

Describe your character by the colors they wear, or what colors they surround themselves with where they live, or work, or their vehicle.

Use color in an emotional scene to match your character’s mood.

Utilize color to describe a space: Home, city, workplace, yard, vacation spot.

Let color be your work horse as a force in your writing.

Have fun with color!

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