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Swimming Grand Canyon and Other Poems

Susan Bono’s review of “Swimming Grand Canyon and Other Poems” by Rebecca Lawton.

I am not a person who knows rivers, although some part of me yearns to be. That’s why I’ve been a fan of Rebecca Lawton’s writing ever since I read her essay collection, “Reading Water: Lessons from the River.” She takes me to those places in myself.

In “Swimming Grand Canyon” she shows me her love for rivers with lines like, “The water has no bones/but carries things we love.” I expected this and was grateful for it. But I soon became aware that these poems are channeled through the hard gates of life, and that is what sticks with me.

She warned me early on in “It’s Like Life” when she wrote, “You think you’ll jump on/and just ride.”

Of course, it’s always more complicated than that, and I realized as I read on how much I needed her reminders of that fact.

These aren’t “feel-good” poems as much as they are “feel-deep.”

As always, Lawton’s words about rivers teach me so much about life.

My only complaint is that the ride this slim volume provided was over so soon. I impatiently wait for more. —Susan Bono, What Have We Here

Marlene’s review:

“Swimming Grand Canyon and Other Poems” by Rebecca Lawton is more than reading a book of poems. It’s experiencing, noticing, and seeing human nature as well as the natural world through the lens of Rebecca.

“Swimming” is a deep dive into pools of reverie as Rebecca honors herself and nature in this carefully curated book of poems.

Capturing the beauty and the strength of nature, with a nod to humor, makes this a captivating book.

I especially like:

. . . and little travertine pools

Mark Twain/and a name/two fathoms deep

Your first rapids are small/clever, rumpled sheets/of silver/They dip and rise/thrilling when you fall

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