Well, that was an Interesting Experience . . . Prompt #241

Write about something interesting that happened. It could be a little blip, just a passing thing that happened. Or, it could be big. . . earth shattering. It could be about something that really happened or something imagined. The page is a big, wide-open place for you to play and experiment (what a funny word – ex-peer-ih-ment). Try a word here, toss a word there. Mix ’em up. Shuffle. Dance your words around. Write about an Interesting Experience.      

Places to submit

New England Review

The March/April 2016 issue of Writer’s Digest Magazine is bursting with excellent information for writers. For example: Details about submitting to New England Review. New England Review: “Offers readers poems, stories and essays that are formally inventive and traditional.” There is a $2 fee for poetry submissions and $3 fee for prose. About NER: “By publishing new fiction, poetry, and nonfiction that is both challenging and inviting, New England Review encourages artistic exchange and thought-provoking innovation, providing publishing opportunities for writers at all stages in their careers. ” Payment: Payment for work published in the journal is $20 per page (with thanks to a grant from the NEA), $100 for cover art, plus two copies of the issue in which the work appears and a one-year subscription. For online publication in NER Digital, payment is $50 and a one-year subscription to the print magazine.


Music lyrics as prompts . . . Prompt #240

You may already do this . . . Use musical lyrics as prompts. Here are a couple for you: “She lost him. But she found herself and that was everything.” Taylor Swift   “I used to drive out to John’s house,” says Paul McCartney. “He lived out in the country, and I lived in London. I remember asking the chauffeur once if he was having a good week. He said, “I’m very busy at the moment. I’ve been working eight days a week.” And I thought, “Eight days a week! Now there’s a title.”   Have a go. Just start writing. Be open. Be surprised. Let the ink flow. Let your fingers fly across the keyboard. Then share. Post your writing on The Write Spot Blog.  


When we remember . . . ” Prompt #239

Today’s writing prompt is a quote by Mark Twain. The best way to use this quote as a prompt for your writing is to have everything ready:  paper, pen, timer. If you are using computer: warm it up, open a word.doc. Give it a name. Save it. Whatever method you use for your writing, have everything ready, including yourself. Stretch if you need to. Loosen the muscles in your neck by rolling your head in a gentle circle. Roll in the opposite direction.  Rotate your shoulders back in a circular motion. Then forward. Squirm, wiggle, adjust. Then . . . just write. Read the quote and write whatever comes up for you.   “When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.” — Mark Twain      

Places to submit


Bateau Literary Magazine is open for submissions: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, b/w illustrations, playlets, flash, & comics. Bateau: “The time has come to relaunch Bateau….CUZ YOU CAN’T KEEP A GOOD THING DOWN!!!! We are accepting submissions for Bateau Vol 6.1 Jan-May 1st 2016.” Submission for Boom Chapbook will begin in August 2016. Do you have snippets of writing? Flesh them out and Submit!   We’re still hopping from blog to blog. Visits one of these blogs, get some ideas, and write! And submit! And,  Good Luck!  


I was so scared . . . Prompt #238

Today’s writing prompt . . . I was so scared. I look forward to reading your writing on this one! St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hop, organized by author and blogger Francis H. Powell. It’s still St. Paddy’s Day here in Northern California. We are partying tomorrow! But first, let’s check in with the other blog hoppers. Check out the St. Patrick’s Blog Hop. You will be swiftly transported to a landing page that Francis created for this blog hop. Scroll down. Click on a blogger’s name and quicker than a leprechaun can jump over that pot of gold, you can explore the gems in these blogs. Bloggers: Contact Marlene or Francis to join us in our next Blog Hop. It’s really easy! And a fun way to get to know other bloggers and writers.

Guest Bloggers

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Thursdays are Guest Bloggers days on The Write Spot Blog. If you have tips about the craft or the business of writing, you could be a guest blogger. Email your idea to Marlene. Perhaps you have tips about: ~How to find time to write ~ Ways to develop characters ~How to incorporate location in writing ~Writing Resources ~Helpful writing websites ~How to research ~How to write realistic action during a dialogue scene Being a guest blogger is a great way to share what you know about writing. Think of it like writing an article for a writing magazine. What is your special writing tip? BLOG HOP – Before participating as a Blog Hopper, I wondered what that meant. I could not picture it. Right now, I’m part of a St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hop, organized by author and blogger Francis H. Powell. Here’s how it works: Click on Blog Hop….


Containers . . . Prompt #237

Sometimes writing prompts are a single word. Or a photo. Or both. You can alter the prompt to suit your mood. For example, today’s prompt could be container or containers. Or just look at the photo and write whatever comes up for you. Today’s Prompt: Container   Join a variety of authors and bloggers for our St. Patrick’s Day Blog Hop. Francis H. Powell is our awesome host. If you click on Blog Hop, you will end up at his Landing Page. Click on a blogger’s name and, like magic, you will end up in a different realm.  Bloggers:  Tiffany Apan, Cheryllynn Dyess, Angela Chrysler, Roma Gray, Francis H. Powell and Marlene Cullen. We love visitors!  

Book Reviews

Going to Solace – an engaging story of the human spirit

Today’s featured book is Going to Solace by Amanda McTigue. Reviewed by Gil Mansergh. “I read over a hundred books annually for my NPR affiliated radio show, and I selected Amanda McTigue’s Going to Solace as the best novel I have read this year [2012]. In the rural Carolinas of 1989, things move at a different pace and folks either know each other—or know of each other. In just five days (including Thanksgiving) first-time novelist Amanda McTigue lets us get to know and care about the people who work, visit and reside in a Blue Ridge Mountain hospice home known simply as Solace. The residents are mostly old and worn out, the visitors are on edge from the uncertain finality of what will come soon, and the dedicated caregivers may have seen it all before, but are still deeply involved. I know you will get involved as well.” Gil Mansergh is…

Places to submit

Bayou Magazine

Bayou Magazine is a biannual, national literary magazine published by The University of New Orleans. Bayou publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, including the winner of the annual Tennessee Williams One-Act Play Contest. Bayou‘s mission is to publish exceptional, exciting work by both established and emerging writers. Submissions accepted between August 1 and May 1, with a response time of 3 to 5 months. More information on their website, including Submission Guidelines. Note from Marlene: Good luck! “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” is a Cajun expression meaning “Let the good times roll!”  I heard this expression often while visiting New Orleans. It may have nothing to do with Bayou Magazine. I just wanted to tack it along with my Good Luck wishes for you!  I hope you are having a good time writing. And submitting!